Best Partner Information

: Tour in Seoul/Korea - We're seeking for local overseas tour agency that will be partner of SeoulnTour Co.,Ltd.

*Spring/Summer/Autumn (Mid-March~Mid-December)
*Winter (Mid-December~Mid-March)

Local Travel agency for making groups of customers!
SeoulnTour Co.,Ltd. for Tours in Korea/Seoul!
▶Local tour agency : making groups of customers & boarding pass
▶SeoulnTour - Process of tours in Seoul/Korea (Accommodation/guide/vehicle/meals)
- Provide group tour with good programs, considering customers' itinerary.
- Provide reasonable price.
- Provide service with high-quality.
- Group tours start with minimum of 6 people group.
- Quick, reliable preparation (please ask us at least 1 week before the tour)
- Lots of professional staffs are waiting (having friendship with tour sites)
- Kind guide, Variety of new vehicles, Reliable driver

SeoulnTour Co., Ltd.
- Specialist in daily city tour in Seoul/Korea for foreign visitors.
- Travel agency providing total service that visitors want.
- Professional in planning private group tours.

*Process Of Tour
Step 1. (done by local travel agency)
- Asking for estimate (tour itinerary/ size of group/ tour date)

Step 2.
- Estimate price: per person or grand total

Step 3.
- After reservation is done, adjusting itinerary as customers want & exchanging ideas

Step 4.
- Designating tour guide suitable for the group, vehicle, and overall review.

Step 5.
- Final confirm: Giving voucher card containing every route and prices

Step 6.
- Safety education for guide (for safe trip)

Step 7.
- Going on a tour: for best enjoyment and educational trip

Step 8.
- Sending to airport: until visitors board the plane - safe till the end

Step 9.
- Report to local travel agency.

-All the itinerary scheduled are done.
 (But the tour schedule might be changed due to local conditions)
-2 meals are provided each day (lunch&dinner). About 10,000 KRW will be for each meal.
 (If you are vegetarian or muslim, or need any special meals, it can be provided.
 Breakfast will be provided at accommodation)
-We are preparing general medicines for emergency.
-Specialized tour programs meeting the purpose of tour and
 the cultural backgrounds of the visitors can be provided.
There are differences in prices to accommodations.
Accommodations: Hotel, Hostel, Guesthouse, Traditional Hanok

* We are waiting for contact of local foreign travel agencies planning a tour on Seoul/Korea.